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Season 1, Episode 6 · 1 year ago

Born to Run: From Race Training to Social Impact


One of the main post-COVID resolutions for many honker-downers is to get physically active. In the fourth episode, Tijana Popadic, director of and marketing director of Sportit IT - Sports marketing and sponsorship, joined the BOS fellows to shed light on the importance of running, and the interplay between tech and people's well-being.


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I'm sure all of you are familiar withthe concept of New Year's resolutions and I'm pretty sure that you made thetons of these on new years eve. Well now, let me introduce you to Crovitresolutions, I'm talking about decisions to change your lifestylesbased on some profound insights that we gained on ourselves during these weeksand months of quarantine and contemplation fusing futures light them up. I'm suremany of you got a sudden urge to change something about yourself, and thatincludes your habits regarding exercise. Many of you probably got a sudden urgeto get physical and decided to start working out or playing some sport orstart jogging regularly at least either that or you were already into it, andyou could not wait for the currentin measures to ease up a bit, so you couldget back on track figuratively and literally. As for the Nuwbes in the running group,I can only hope that you will live up to your freshlymade plans to utilizethe freedom of movement and start doing sports running may be a really gooddecision for you, because you only need a pair of sneakers and the entire citybecomes your playground and in case to routeime player. There's good news foryou running can be a team' sport as well. There is already a lot ofexperienced and friendly people ready to support you on your track. I 'm delighted to welcome MistiannaPopoditch, a fellow member of the borcelamly network and the director ofTurcheno dautress website...

...imagina world, where all of the peoplewerwould run or walked over. Of course, I would be able to the job soon, butjust imagine what kind of society that would be if we die into this incredible and trueimprobable four true, we would guess that we would have to have veryflexible workours to love for that leisure of slowly walking towards goal.So, for example, if you prefer to run to your job, allow yourself at leastthirty to fifty minutes in one way and of course you would have to have somekind of showvers and lockers Installe Attour wore place. He would have littleor no need for personal vehicles in the city and rely on public transportation.More and more, but most importantly, that kind ofsociety would be a very slow one main values for the Revolver Oun, meaninginstead of time and our output in terms of viciency would have to be a moresubstencial one meaning we would have to produce more quality in the sameamount of time. So theat future is not a probable one.From Day One. Our Society paid extreme importance. Te FICIENC Sein matters ofOutpoot, we ourselves sobstitutive walking toriding by horse and Cheriot trains. Cars. Please we value time so much thatwe sacrifice the plant in terms of resources, ind sustanbility for us notto walk, which is a paradox, but movement iissecial to US bare that inmind. For a moment I mean Tev your bill to run a few thousand two years cannotdeny revolution and proven history of long systematic hands and migration ofour ancestors. So if you stop moving, we perish veryfast, so we have a bit of conandum in ourhands. We need something we don't have any use in our Li lives. It turns outand we need so much. We have this amazing paradox of driving in our carsfor hours, sometimes just to run twenty one or forty, two kilometers or evenmore prodoxical e sittinher cars himgo to run fomthe treadmill.

So this is why IAM fascinating withmovement and running as its most elegant form. That's my mission, loveand calling, and lately weall, find out that we needto move more now in that very option was taken awayfrom us during quarantine. I imagine you find yourself in the same situation, they're saying: Don't hate the gamehated the player or it's the other way around. who can tell anymore anyways.This can be applied to technology to certain extent, like many other aspectsof our lives, technology can either help us out or prevent us from beinghealthy and active. So my first question is: Has techology developmenthelped the runners, or has it become a hurdle on the track? So in terms of rining movement,technologiyc can be perceived as a welcome partner. Modern runner is bell.Equippe and all sorts of gadgets uses advanced, TEPs, a track, his progressand even Bragon socials. So in term my job, which is digital marketing andespecially advertising. We did manage to reach more people through websitesind our channels, so we managed to train more than four thousand peoplesince the beginning of our worlk so the tool, I cannot denyi being very useful but the dark side of this process. Itis potential to pacifize, animmobilize people, bin watching and Manni otherrabbit. Holes of the interrecters sure means to lock US iner houses, flats andlives and lockus down to a Cherro couch and this a fundimentsy dangerous. Ifyou examine our bodies, you would find that we have become optimized for orsedentary lifestyle. Now, if we leave Jim's UV in thepicture as a Bodyis Coptan tool, we can agree that the human body optimizes forthe task, Car Habits and workputs in front of us, so we will gain maslum andspecific type of muscle, based n our...

...activity. You can see that inprofessional athletes I mean they're very much differt in terms of activity,so o will grow taller or shorter, Fridce, higher or lit heavyweight. So imagine now you are sitting ten totwelve hours a day and your muscles like ilap sauce, which is heap foxes,wor short and your glotes wor, becoming active. Your shoulders were bent owardyour Tamy, your back yil become strange, your core on rexistence, I mean theleas goes on, and this is not just an anti sigt disporture does lead tosickness, so thes center lifestyle is the biggest predictor of untime or debtsimilar the best preductor for longevity- and you guessed it is theamount of Myaleg yo walk around every day, and I can tell you three times perwic will not cut it. That's the amount of time many of US dedicate to thisactivity. The quarantine was tough for everyone,especially for the people who got used to being active and running regularly.How has the running community coped with Covid nineteen? So we have somedata to prove the people infected moveless. Even though we have thisanacdotal e perceived proves that parks are full. The reality is actually a bitdifferent. Google itive for creation, for example, showed t e eighty fourpercent, declineing recration activities and people visiting parkshalted. Appldattavich, show Serbea, show tat, SERPS Walk Sixty percent lesscompared to last year, so my guess is that walkers runner just became morevisible in particularly because their group activities were Bant, so thepeople who exercise in James or clubs now has to do that soul in theirnearest park or on a street. So that's why we were seeing more people on thestreet, but actually that was not the case so now that weare liaving out themoving exsictions and can resume our activities, we actually so literalnondecline in our group running problems in Balbad running club. So wecan see that forunes, at least fear did...

...not creep in and devoued grateful tocontinue train outside in groups. So the only change, of course was biggerdistance. As now we are all all trying to keep the distance, at least tometers, and we held smaller subgroups, but everything else just remained thesame, and actually people were very nostalgic, a nigger to continue with all thatbeing said, what could be the next big trend in the recreational industry?Well, it's too little. Reall know for sure there is huge incertainty inperspective for default Di. The speculation of the second Vav of thevirs, so many mejor races and massparticipation events were postponedto fall or canceled. We know from our survey that seventy five percent ofrunners do plan to return to racis if they are due to to be held in thefollow, and they want to do it as quickly as possible, so they do notfeel threatened or fearful, so it once stopped them for running, but virus mayhave stopped them. So really we cannot know what's going to happen in the fall.So, on our part, we predicted ouder fitness will see some surgeon. Opliriypeople are reluctant to return tointheir jams, Erto HASSL securitymeasures, and well I mean they did misse outdoor. So that is one trend wedo expect to grow huge numbers and especially in urban environments. Wealso saw raising the popularitive and so called biritual races, but I see itTis a faid and ounles. They manage to make themselve different and exotic topeople. I don't see people rushing to participate and especially paying forthem in the forseable future. So I don't know wo had to wait and see O forthis time, being wit, so way to uncertain to predict truisis Ar red violets are blu runninghis healthy step, eating spaghettic. He... really catchy t an isn't it. I useit whenever make colleges, adorter Fest Uther the corner or complain that theyhad spent hours of public transportation, oh honey. I would neverbaste my time like that ilike them. I have started a new day with anenergizing smooy and then Walt forover an hour to the office. Poy speaking, Ido not care about others opinions, but I won't hold ut my desire to run freelyand walking step. Strangely, this desire did not pollowway. It grewbigger a day after day. So before you kneed, I started train for halfAmeritan into breeding new energy and motivation. Three months later, a youngcolic stepped onto my office, holding a cover page of a local newspaper andsinging and Wen he sermed by our little room, whet ta running star. Are you the way? is he running and whie Ti sopeeling? Is that, unlike ninety, nine percent of other agrational activitiesand churges you can put in front of your running is actually the biggestpay of so I was really relucted to try it at first it was two thousand andeleven twelve and the virus of running hasn't just started in Belgurria atpoint. My friend was hooked and she was in minority and sure I saw her happyand forgot honest. She was a bit difficult.I mean she only talked about running and training and stop going out onFriday nights because he hate training on Saturday, but they always try todrag me in and of course, as many of us do, I hisidated I wasn't thatmuchinterested in running or trying anything new, but then the bilded Matancame and I a selffound myself chearing for her and other runners ton thehardest part of the track and even ran alongside for her last five hundredmeters, an so until finished, and then...

I really, I felt it all the rush, theglory, the pain in the payoff, wone ow, the finish line, so I understood itorganically running goom. Of course you cononnect your body and nature in a way,and you do return to yourself, but you progress greatly in the first twomonths and can feel the healing effect. But at the end of all that you have areal physical finishline. So when you cross it, you are transformed for goodand your receiver reol medal. So you have experience in onothe hand. Youhave a reward, the physical reward you can prag with and during the productthat process. If you run in a club like ours, you also make friends and thosefriendships for through pain and glory. I can tell you they last more than mostof them. We could say that you've beeninterrunning before it was cool when there were no applications to which youcould just share your result for the day on social media and similar stuff. So from this perspective, could youtell us more on how have you and your team used the technology to promoterang, based in your experience, what tendencies do ye see regarding thedevelopment of the running community in Serbia? So as a mation briefly for us runningwas just emerging a Syrbia when we started this were els penior Dotoarrest was available, which is for me very funny, because today we cannotfind anything organically good available for sales. So no one dem, Ivorted hat time utilized tat and youtalls Google. We started withEvergreen Google friendly articles that are still in the first page, whateverneed to Google about running. So we did their home work, we wrote every day beposted every day and also facebook was incredible. We rose from ten K to likeforty thousand fans in one year organically without any advertisement,because people still were unsure how to usefacebook out to post how many times per day and actually, as we learne in ourpersonal jobs. We applied that in our... and in our facebook group. Sowe really t e spacebook ads and Google love us for the about meachon reasons.So we started with more vicious compeenses, two thousand and thirteeneand at one point we enrolled five hundred people in one summer to startrunning, which was at that point really incredible, because it was just thebeginning of this huge val and soon enough people started to copy US clubsformed from our extrainers. Originally, the trend of the running school started,blooming and wew all learned from each other and paradoxical people leftd intwo thousand and eleven. You know at Te ad that somebody would pay to run orlearn how to run, but it proved to be the bagbone on the trand in Serubianregion and Belgred. Meriton actually rose in numbers, incredibly, whichcoincied with our work, so I can say UF. We say that we so did see it, and intwo thousand and sixteen we started he same project Troud Serbia. So we satrunning school into twenty cities and some cities did better than the others.Of course. Now some continue to work alone and we have noy Sadin Sopotitza under our umbrell, so Internatan Socianlattwicks really helped us and acknowledge. In that sense, now you can see everybody in Facebook,Yo found the people who onrollen running school tend to start older andolder. So we can also say that we brouht in our targe toof, horizontal interms of Terba, but also varticls in terms of age. Now many runners arefinishing their fairshare of city races. They do migrate, the migret to trailrunning and trautland. So we see also huge popularito firemen and thit's,like an example of huge branded, pushes us to limit, which is notpsychologically justified. So if you're running just for a stress, reduction ora healthy body, you should stick to distances from FAM to tank they're morethan enough so intern to bet challenged ougoes as well. I mean you pushyourself to Halfmar ton, Martin and then, if you continue long enough, you willgo further and further.

We are to day witnessing that publictransportation is working in a limited capacity. Furthermore, people are reluctant touse it because the risk of the disease spreading and public transport is, ofcourse higher, but even before the crisis, most of uswould get stuck in traffic on a daily basis anyway. So both the oldways and the new riskscould actually nudge people into changing their habits and start walkingrunning or riding a bicycle to work. How realistic is this change and whatshould we do on our part to make it happen? This is a really interesting question.We trid to tim up with impustutas domestic companies are depridingfacilities that runders can utilize if they choose to run to work, for example,so results were not great, like maybe five or ten percent of all employerssaid that they have facilities for runners to change in, but also thesample was very mar very small, as I mention the bobby should really try toat least envision. This kind of froll Bervi chose to walk or run instead ofright. Bicycling is also a good choice, but we are still sitting and we need touse our body the way nnatual intented. So this is where Motov for the next tenyears is actually battle for moment bit. Caus O Cratin, because there are manyStak colders in these trom employers to engos and, of course, legislative. Weshould try and create environment where walking is encouraged, true,substitutions, lexibility and promotion. So it's really complex issue, but Imean if more and more compince become runan friendly or if you change something in yourself,we can see that sort of change happening. So we also WANC distribe, abusiness Tran series into thousand and sixteen and starting with Belgradalytree more cities, not e sad so, but its an Isto the calendar. So now we havelike four races every year en we trie to promote ranning as a great teambuilding tool and to partner up with...

...our sponsors to teach about the digesof seltary lifestyle. So, for example, if we have some Veicole as ousponsor,we will go to outomotol fear and just try to practice how to contract this inour dail in business lives. And if you sit for eight hours, we try toencourage people to stand up morinly, to walk to work or to welce back home. TERTANERESA is a good example on how wecan utilize technology to activate people and make a broader social impact.Do you know any other local initiatives of this kind? So the best one I can think of is thePrugicora camplication. I think an English. It would be like walk it on.I'm not sure of the translation, and this EP started the walking revolutionper cell last year connecting users with mobile phones to donors whichdonated certain fees, matching it on your miwleage, and I think one of thereasons it became huge is because the user experience was fairly easy to useonce you stolen PP, tocover the need to open it or started in Nodi to recordsteps, and another reason was that once given a chance and provided it isconvenient and easy people do show up for socialenvironmental reasons and canact as an activists. So I think they got a huge motiv to walk a good causeand so inimmediate effect of their action, and this is like a perfectstorm for a change and he have those three ingredients. We are almost at the finish line. Sofor the end, Let's light our listeners up with some key take from this episode. Show them don't tell storytelling,indeed became story doing in this time and age and huge motivation can bedrawn just from being a participant in ver such as Belgarid Mariton, when youprovide people but purpose in tech to have to act with ease in their own bestinteries. A find evens of tough challenges can prove irresistible. Soremember, wher ye are Ar Assisus were the most dominanting species in Erth,because we were born to run, I mean...

...we could and still can outrun everyanimal, a long distance race. People don't know that, but there are cracesof people and horses and given it one or two days, every human, if percistesenough can outrun a horse because they get tired, they don't sweat andParpicipate, and our heart bits in different ways. Soweremain for long runs, so remember also that what does notmove dies off as a part of Youras whole so park. Your carbit further, I meanlive bus to stations. Ori Sacrifice time for substance venture to your dayand hourly, so you could walk to work and just carry on to good job using futures light them up is Belgrd,open schools, audio podcast members of Boshalami Network Pana, popaditchgarden, a boinage yelling, a SHAP itch and myself. Orginan fantage took partin making this sixth episode Alexrachich and Markkomitrvitchsupported us by designing the sound and or the effects in order to stay on track with us andstay tuned, don't forget to click subscribe at Apple podcast or any otherobligation. You use for listening to podcast for more updates. Follow us onInstagram and twitter.

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