Fusing Futures

Fusing Futures

By Belgrade Open School


How many times have you heard "the world is rapidly changing"? Are there any shortcuts to understanding and thriving in that new world? 

Fusing Futures: Light Them Up believes so! Designed to light up the minds of the digital youth during their commuting time, it aims to make a leapfrog to knowledge-based society and economy. In the very first season, it explores the interplay between tech and climate change. 

This podcast is produced by the Belgrade Open School, a leading civil society organization in Serbia dedicated to developing human resources, improving public policy, and strengthening cooperation between businesses and non-governmental organizations. It has implemented the oldest non-formal educational programme Future Studies in the country. Throughout the podcast, alumni of the programme who occupy key positions in society will shed light on hot topics. 

Join us for weekly insights and discussions from March to June 2020.

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